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The border between the United States and Mexico has long held a special place in American culture – from fajitas and margaritas, to cinema and literature. In this course we will discuss the contact zone between these two nations, addressing some of the myths, realities, and representations that have shaped how we view the border. From Cormac McCarthy’s novels to the Mariachi Trilogy, from Chicano culture to politics, we’ll develop our ideas and understanding of the important role of this unique region in both a US and, increasingly, a global context. This region is particularly pertinent as the demographic and cultural changes promise to redefine the US political landscape as the nation prepares for its next elections.

In the current context in Europe, understanding how borders and borderlands function is a key aspect in our lives, and what we have learned in the US borderlands is quickly becoming relevant here in France.

This P2 module focuses on border culture. Through a series of discussions, fueled by student presentations and individual writing in various forms, we will work on both our cultural knowledge and our ability to communicate on the themes surrounding the border through shared experiences ranging from cooking to debates to piñatas (Yes, we’ll build piñatas!)... Both film and literature will be addressed, which will require viewing and reading of some material outside of class

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