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California Dreamin’

California – from series and movies, from commercials and novels and songs, we all know something about this state but how many of us really know it?

In this seminar we’ll take a look at California and its culture and see what we can make of a state which would be the world’s 5th largest economy and which is roughly the size of France! From its Spanish and Mexican origins, to the rapid expansion following the gold rush to the WW2 era boom, from the border “crisis” to the high-tech revolution(s) taking place in Silicon Valley, from the favorite lairs of the Beat poets to the grungy LA punk scene… and without forgetting campuses such as Berkeley or Stanford, California has something to interest (nearly) everyone.

Objectifs pédagogiques

This course is composed of a combination of debates, discussions, presentations, film viewings… some reading outside of class is also required. The objectives are several: to get or to keep you speaking freely, to familiarize you with a region and a culture which are critical for understanding the United States, to allow you to explore topics that interest you. Specific topics such as the education system, job culture, lifestyle and practical differences can also be addressed for those of you considering an internship or a grad program in the Golden State.

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Méthodes pédagogiques

Group and individual work, on-line publishing, debate, discussion
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