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Langues - LAN463nANG : MA4 - US Politics - B2C1


The rollercoaster of the past five years triggers some fascinating questions : How did a gaffe-prone candidate with virtually no experience, no funding and no campaign organisation slay so many political giants?  How enduring is his legacy likely to be?  What are the Democrats' perspectives for holding onto power in Washington and beyond?  

A wander down history lane may give us some clues.

But beyond personality cults and the consitutional prerogatives of the various institutions, we'll be addressing some of the broader cultural fault lines running through American society.  Students will research and present contemporary topics like white privilege and race-relations, economic inequalities, war and patriotism, health(s)care controversies, the power of financial, religious and industrial-military lobbies, election campaign shenanigans or the limitations of the mainstream / 'lamestream' media.  Presentations may be illustrated by a brief commentary of a related film extract.  Course evaluation also includes written assignments, group / pair-work and participation.

We'll also be studying a rich repertory of political satire from comedians such as Samantha Bee, Steven Colbert, Jon Stewart and SNL.  But to start the course you'll take a political orientation test to establish if you're a tree-hugging, bra-burning liberal or a God-fearing, gun-totin' Wacko bird.  

This is a coursework-based module and unjustified absences will be reflected in the grade.  

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