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Cours scientifique - PHY202 : Wave Optics and Radiation

Domaine > Physique.


This course focuses on the description of light as a wave phenomenon. The course

starts by reviewing the concepts of waves and oscillations in simple systems. It

then turns to the way light is emitted by matter and covers dipole radiation,

black body radiation as well as emission and absorption of light by atoms. The

latter will be an opportunity to discuss the quantum behavior of matter and to

introduce the electronic structure of atoms in a phenomenological manner. Light

waves are then described in detail, with a focus on scattering, reflection and

refraction at interfaces and polarization. The concept of coherence is developed

along with its spectacular experimental manifestations in interferences and

diffraction. Concrete examples and illustration of these phenomena will be given

throughout the lectures, so that students, by the end course, should be able to

explain why the sky is blue and the sun a bright yellow, how the fingerprint

detection system of a smartphone works and more.


With this course, students will acquire a deeper physical understanding of wave

phenomena, including the basic concepts of wave optics and light emission. They

will master the analytical skills needed to solve basic problems in physical

optics and wave physics in general.


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