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Programmes par année - M1DATAAI-MAST1A : M1 Data AI - Data and Artificial Intelligence - Master 1A

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The DataAI study track is a two-year master’s program at the Institut Polytechnique de Paris. It is concerned with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and large-scale data management. The program is taught in English. It teaches the students the basics of Machine Learning, Logic, Big Data Systems, and Databases, before diving into applications in advanced machine learning, symbolic AI, swarm intelligence, natural language processing, visual computing, and robotics. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses, including on the mining of large datasets, big data processing systems, reinforcement learning, GPU programming, semantic networks, cognitive modeling, self-organizing multi-agent systems, autonomous navigation for robots, text mining, image understanding, as well as social issues in AI. The program has a focus on research, and aims to familiarize students from the beginning with scientific work: there is a scientific project in the first year, and an internship in the second year. This way, students are optimally prepares for scientific work, a PhD, or research and development positions.

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