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PA - C8 - PHY651J : Astroparticles and Astrophysics

Domaine > Physique.


Lecturer: Mathieu de NAUROIS

1. Overview of high energy astrophysics
2. Radiative processes in High Energy Astrophysics
3. Acceleration processes and cosmic ray propagation
4. Accretion and ejection - relativistic effects - X-ray binaries, micro quasars and active galactic nuclei
5. Gamma-ray astronomy - from satellite to Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov
6. Charged cosmic rays - from direct measurement to extended air showers
7. Neutrino observatories in deep ice and water


- High energy astrophysics, Malcom S. Longair, Cambridge University Press.
- Radiative processes in astrophysics, Ribicki & Lightman,John Wiley & Sons.
- Cosmic-rays and particle physics, Gaisser.
- High-energy astrophysics, Fulvio Melia, Princeton University Press.
- Black holes, white dwarfs and neutron stars - The physics of compact objects, Stuart L. Shapiro and Saul A. Teukolsky, John Wiley & Sons.

ECTS credits: 3

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