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PA - C1B - INF565 : Information Systems Security

Domaine > Informatique.


The aim of this course is to study the securing of Information Systems in the open network communication setting. Through practical cases, the course will show many existing threats and address current techniques to circumvent them. 

After a first introductory lesson to raise awareness on the overall risks, the lectures will address the following topics :

  • Risk Analysis and Information Security Management
  • PKI and Securing communications
  • Operating System security
  • Secure development in C
  • Security of Web applications
  • Virus, Malware
  • Hardware security


Requirements: INF558 (Introduction to Cryptology), INF557 (From the Internet to the IoT: The Fundamentals of Modern Computer Networking).

Evaluation mechanism: This course will be evaluated by way of challenges prepared during labs and a final exam

Language: english slides, english/french speaking

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