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Culture générale - CLT101/1 : General Culture 1


Mr Nicolas Wanlin, Humanities & Social Sciences Department



Visit of 2 cultural places


- the Sainte-Chapelle à Paris


- the Château de Versailles

- the Musée National d'Art Moderne (Centre Pompidou)


- the MACVAL (Museum of contemporary art in Vitry-sur-Seine: http://www.macval.fr/Institution)



After having visited 2 different cultural places, you are required to write a paper (between 800 and 1200 words) in English about your visit. The paper should be a personal report, through which you will highlight all or some of these points:

* The comparison of cultural heritage and contemporary artistic production;

* The way historic monuments and works of art intertwine various dimensions (historical, scientific, artistic, political, religious, etc.);

* How these 2 places affected your perception of history (recent and distant)

Papers will be assessed on:

* The originality and precision of your point of view;

* Your understanding of the cultural issues explored throughout the visits;

* The clarity and relevance of your argument.

Due date: Monday, November 11th, 8 PM.

Accepted file formats: doc, docx, gdoc, odt, pdf, rtf.


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